The Hedges GroupThe Hedges Group at Vanguard Properties, Sonoma County Real Estate


Under All Is The Land

For many of our clients, creating the ideal place to call “home” begins with finding a parcel on which to build. The experienced members of The Hedges Group at Vanguard Properties team are here to…

  • Provide full-service consulting;
  • Manage key tactics, including identifying potential locations and the ideal “micro-climate;”
  • Partner with experienced professionals in permit analysis, well inspection and drilling, perc-testing, septic systems, easement-creators, surveyors and more;
  • Work with wine-makers and vineyard management consultants;
  • Negotiate contract terms and pricing for both buyers and sellers;
  • Connect sellers of parcels with credible and quality buyers through a vast array of public and private network marketing activities.

We have deep roots in Sonoma County, Marin County & the Berkeley area. This history and experience gives us an in depth knowledge of microclimates, desired locations and current market conditions. Ensuring the land contains all necessary natural resources, and appropriately balanced composition is vital for all future development.

We offer a full consultation, discussing your interests with raw land. By offering several avenues, we allow you to remain the captain of the ship, with your second mate (us) consistently there to guide, direct and provide the best advice there is.